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What is The Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is a team of adults on a mission to bring hope back to the community of Bunker Hill Indiana by investing in young people. We have weekly gatherings where kids in grades 6-12 eat, play, and learn together. We are like a youth group, but we’re not associated with a specific church. We meet in our recently constructed youth center at the old grain elevator location in Bunker Hill.

A Lighthouse gathering is like a family reunion where everybody wants to be together. We provide a full home-cooked meal every week. We play all kinds of games, indoor and outdoor. Weather permitting, we play a lot of ultimate frisbee and volleyball. The gatherings also include a group discussion or lesson, as well as lots of encouraging music.

Here are some things people have said about The Lighthouse

Quotes from kids …

I love the Lighthouse – the people there are very friendly and it is stress and worry free.

My friends and I goto the Lighthouse because it is fun and we learn how to be better people at the same time.

It’s like a youth group, only without a church.

The Lighthouse saved my life.


Quotes from adults …

The Lighthouse is bringing hope to the kids and parents of our small community.

The Lighthouse is a safe place in an unsafe world, where young people can find adults who sincerely want to help them find their way.

We had to convince them to go the first time. Now we cannot keep them away.

When and Where?

The Lighthouse gatherings currently take place every Wednesday from 6:00p – 8:30p at the Lighthouse building at 175 N Main St in Bunker Hill (behind the Bunker Hill Post Office).