Chris and Yvonne Edgington have been reaching out to young children and teenagers through the local church for the past twenty years. Leading the development of “The Escape” teen center in Peru in the ‘90s and the “PromiseLand” childrens ministry in northern Miami County has given them the opportunity to learn what is required to connect with all ages.

They believe that God has now called their family to lead this outreach to the young people of the Bunker Hill community and the surrounding area, with the simple mission of “Helping young people find their way.” Together with their team of trustworthy adults from the community, they lead the Lighthouse gatherings in such a way that young people feel welcomed, accepted, trusted, and loved.

Tim and Terry Finster are veterans of the Bunker Hill community. They have two grown children Kevin and Melissa. Tim and Terry served the community and Maconaquah school system for many years while raising their children, and now they continue to invest in Bunker Hill by serving at the Lighthouse. Tim is also a member of the Lighthouse advisory board.

They can be found doing just about everything, whether its preparing dinner, playing a blood-pressure-raising game of pit, transporting kids or doing perimeter security, Tim and Terry are ready to take on whatever area needs help.